WHAT IS SAP? A German programming organization whose products allow organizations to track client and business associations. SAP is particularly well known for its Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and information administration programs. SAP is an acronym for Systems, Applications and Products. Even though it’s such a large company it’s still common among small and medium […]


Fuel your vechile on water

A 44-year-old Indian has designed a vehicle that runs on a mixture of water and carbide.He fills the tank with fuel and carbide powder.A chemical reaction takes place and acetylene is formed. Acetylene acts as fuel to drive the car.It costs about 10 to 20 rs per liter.Day by Day petrol rates is increasing.It is […]

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Project loon

project loon is a new technology which is conducted by Google.The aim of this project is to open out the internet all over the world.The balloon carries a communication kit and it has a receiver and transmitter through which signals are sent…It has both transmitter and receiver with the help of transmitter it transmits the signals […]

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